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The SuperLoop®

What the SuperLoop® Does

The SuperLoop® has been developed to close the loop on gases in the drill out and well completions process.  The SuperLoop® process includes a gas separation unit that when used in conjunction with the Sand X allows reuse of the water, a method to flare gas and separation of sand and flow back components.

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How the SuperLoop® Works

Well is rigged to 3" 1502 inlet subsequent to the customers hydraulic choke. Via the Gas Buster, pressure is released through the 8" expansion tube, sand, chlorides and hydrocarbons fall to the bottom of the SuperLoop®; while gas (H2S)exits out the 4" outlet on top of the vessel. As solids settle to the bottom of SuperLoop®, they are caught and moved up the elevator tube. The SuperLoop® process allows collection and delivery of solid material, minus gases, to be delivered to the SandX®.

As solids and liquids are delivered to the SandX® the cleaning and separation process begins. Solids fall to bottom of hopper while liquids (hydrocarbons-oil) flow over the weir at rear of the hopper and enter SandX® tank. As sand is moved up the tube to the discharge hose, liquid, chlorides and hydrocarbons are squeezed out of the sand leaving a non-hazardous material that is easily disposed. Impressively, laboratory tests have shown as little as 200 ppm. In addition to eliminating a hazardous material for disposal, the SandX® process also allows operators to re-circulate drilling fluids from the SandX® tank, saving thousands in chemical costs.

When you weigh the benefits of the SuperLoop® and SandX® combination the choice is safe, clean and clear.


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