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2017 World Oil Awards

Sand X® Beast accepts ‘Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development – Onshore’ Award at 2017 World Oil Awards

October 13, 2017, HOUSTON – More than 300 of the upstream oil and gas industry’s brightest minds gathered Thursday to find out, and celebrate, the winners of the 2017 World Oil Awards. The awards ceremony, now in its 16th year, seeks to recognize and honor the upstream industry’s top innovations and innovators.

Honorees took home awards in 18 categories—encompassing the full breadth of the upstream industry—from the gala event in Houston, Texas. Today’s innovations, many of which would have seemed far-fetched a generation ago, are enabling operators to find and produce hydrocarbons more safely, economically and efficiently.

In this year’s ‘Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development – Onshore’ category, Sand X® Beast won for its Sand X® Beast and Super Loop® Royal. The Super Loop’s primary function involves a five-phase separation of gas, condensate, oil, water, and solids during the drilling and completion phases of energy exploration and production. A mobile steel deck supports a self-erecting gas separator that is able to continuously flow and simultaneously separate natural gases from hydrocarbon liquids, water and sand. The Sand X® Beast is used as a primary recovery tank in drill-out and flow-back operations. Sand X® Beast is an environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-saving system for sand disposal in the completions process.

Sand X® Beast is grateful to be recognized by the Texas Railroad Commission for "revolutionizing sand disposal and saving operators millions."

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