A comprehensive green solution for sand removal and gas separation


Sand X®

Sand X® removes sand sustainably, economically, and efficiently. Our proprietary process yields clean sand, separated oil, and recirculable produced water.

Super Loop®

Our unique gas separation unit enhances the Sand X® process by removing gas during well completion, which improves well site safety.

The Playbook

Check out the information and training materials needed to use Sand X® products successfully.

The Sand X® and Super Loop® System

Sand X and Super Loop System Information

Sand X® Training Increases Uptime

Our rigorous Sand X® certification program ensures that operations run at peak efficiency.

  • Sand X® representatives train personnel to install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot equipment.
  • On-site support and recurrent training are provided.
  • Clients receive a Resource Manual, a Quick Reference Guide, and access to the extended Sand X® Playbook.

Clients Who Trust Sand X®

The innovative Sand X® process pioneered the market for green completions in 2008, by removing sand during drill out and flowback. The Sand X® team’s hallmark research and development process has continued to push the limits of technology to meet clients’ needs. The company offers full, customizable systems, including the Super Loop®, which works in conjunction with the Sand X® to flare natural gases from flowback. Sand X® is a sustainable alternative to traditional completions that saves money and increases site safety. Learn More

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