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The original Sand X® pioneered the market for green completions with an innovative process for sand removal during drill out and flowback. The standalone system uses eco-friendly technology to separate sand, oil, produced water, condensates, and dangerous gases. Then, the sand is clean and safe for other uses while the produced water can be safely recirculated, providing operators greater environmental compliance, a safer well site, and overall cost savings.

The Sand X® system has been proven successful by operators of all sizes in major U. S. shale plays, Canada, and South America, and the system continues to be adapted and improved based on customer feedback and evolving oilfield needs. Because customer success is a priority, we pride ourselves on our user-friendly equipment, and we provide comprehensive training on all products to ensure more uptime for customer operations. The Sand X® system also improves worker safety, enhances well balancing, and saves operators millions. Lastly, as dedicated stewards of the environment, we developed the Super Loop® to work in conjunction with the Sand X® to eliminate harmful gases and raw hydrocarbons that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

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Sand X®, Super Loop®, Sand L®, and additional equipment can be configured to fit any pad layout. Photos and videos document each part of the process so clients can understand how the system operates and conceptualize how Sand X® will fit into any operation. Learn More

Sand X® products have received prestigious awards from prominent oil and gas organizations, such as the World Oil Awards. We are proud to have also been recognized by the Texas Railroad Commissioner for “revolutionizing sand disposal and saving operators millions.” Learn More

Sand X® has developed several patented technologies that are designed to reduce environmental impact and produce less hazardous waste. Learn More

Clients Who Trust Sand X

From operators to service companies, our clients trust Sand X® to save lives, money, time, and the environment.