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Sand X® paved the way for green completions and has been established as a leader in environmentally friendly technologies. Our innovations are supported by awards from well-respected oil and gas organizations and the Texas Railroad Commissioner.

2022 Best Companies to work for in Fort Worth Award

Fort Worth Inc. reveals the Best Companies to Work For in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Texas – On August 4, Fort Worth Inc. hosted an awards luncheon at River Ranch Stockyards to announce the Best Companies to Work For in Fort Worth.

Every year, Fort Worth Inc. prepares an annual ranking of our city’s best companies to work for. This contest is run and judged by a third-party organization – Workforce Research Group.

Companies and other organizations that enter our contest submit answers to the Workforce Research Group on questions ranging from employee benefits, to work from home and vacation policies, wellness initiatives, diversity, and fun stuff like office happy hours. Entering companies also agree to allow their employees to be surveyed anonymously by the Workforce Research Group to drill down on how they perceive their employer. Workforce Research Group then analyzes this information and produces our annual Best Companies to Work For in Fort Worth.

Approximately 300 attendees from companies across the Greater Fort Worth area gathered for this much-anticipated event to celebrate their accomplishments.

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World Oil Award Winner

2017 World Oil Awards

Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development – Onshore

The Sand X® Beast and Super Loop® Royal were recognized as an environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-saving system for sand disposal in the completions process from World Oil. The World Oil Awards honor the industry’s top innovators and innovations.

“This award is presented to a company that has made significant strides in protecting and enhancing the onshore environment and communities where it operates. Whether through technical innovations, implementation of new standards, and processes, or introduction of social and economic development efforts, the winner will have a program that made a marked improvement in an HSE/sustainable development endeavor.” – World Oil Awards

Award Recognition

Sand X Award

4th Annual Oil & Gas Awards, 2016

Texas Winner – Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

This awards recognizes efforts, initiatives, or technological developments that have minimized or eliminated their environmental footprint within the region. The winner demonstrates a positive contribution to the advancement of long term environmental benefits that are also economically sustainable. Judges’ comments regarding the Sand X® and the Super Loop® included:

“With ever increasing amounts of sand being used, this technology is instrumental in separating sand from water, oil, and chemicals on all sands. The client list provided is a testament to the efficiency of the Sand X® process.”

“The Super Loop® system in combination with the Sand X® not only removes dangerous gasses but also separates sand from other hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons. This not only makes this product environmentally sound, but also mitigates risks for those companies that implement it.”

Sand X Award

3rd Annual Oil & Gas Awards, 2015

Southwest & Midcontinent Winner – Manufacturer of the Year

The Manufacturer of the Year award recognizes the outstanding contribution that a manufacturer has made to the oil and gas industry in the region. To be successful, the manufacturer has to demonstrate that its market leading products and outstanding services are in use by clients in the region. Sand X® has an innovative and progressive culture conducive to improving practices, delivering new products, and promoting safety. Judges’ remarks included:

“[Sand X ® is] a quality solution to a very real environmental challenge faced for completion firms. The cost savings are significant, and the product tackles a number of environmental issues on site.

“This is a classic case of a company manufacturing a product that the industry needs and succeeding in delivering some incredible results. With the sand reducing the ecological impact of disposal and reducing costs, Sand X® and the Super Loop® system are manufacturing leaders in this field.”