Sand X® paved the way for green completions and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) solutions in the oil & gas industry. We’re proud to bring environmentally friendly, cost effective, and safe green completion solutions to the DJ and Bakken basins.

The Sand X and Super Loop® equipment are a sustainable alternative to traditional completion equipment, offering an environmentally friendly option for sand removal and gas separation during drill out and flowback. This green completions system offers a safer, more economical sand disposal process that significantly reduces hazardous waste, with better disposal of returned sand.  

The Sand X and Super Loop systems are more sensitive compared to traditional sand separators, delivering a more economical and environmentally friendly method of disposal, performing a five-phase separation of sand, oil, produced water, condensates, and dangerous gases. The result: better disposal of materials, sand is clean and safe for other uses, and the produced water can be safely recirculated. The Sand X operates successfully on all types of sand, including 100 mesh.

The Sand X features a reliable, double auger system for long drill outs. This eliminates downtime, and allows the Sand X system to increase the volume of flowback processed, even during frac screen outs. The Sand X also minimizes the costs associated with cleanout for frac tanks or open top tanks.

Want the best performance with the Sand X and Super Loop equipment? Our product specialists provide complimentary on-site training and certification to every customer and service company to ensure optimal operation on location throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The Sand X® and Super Loop® System

Sand X and Super Loop System Information

Sand X®

Sand X® removes sand sustainably, economically, and efficiently. Our proprietary process yields clean sand, separated oil, and recirculable produced water.

Super Loop®​

Our unique gas separation unit enhances the Sand X® process by removing gas during well completion, which improves well site safety.

The Playbook

Check out the information and training materials needed to use Sand X® products successfully.


The Sand X® Playbook

  • The Playbook contains quick access links to each section containing videos, checklists, diagrams, safety sheets, strap charts, troubleshooting references, and company information.
  • The design of the Playbook allows for easy use from a mobile device while in the field.
  • We are constantly updating The Playbook to ensure the latest information is available to our customers.

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