As a pioneer of green completions, Sand X® reduces harm to the environment, improves site safety, and reduces operating costs.

When used in conjunction, the Sand X® and Super Loop® equipment perform five-phase separation of gas, condensate, oil, water, and sand. This process reduces hazardous material and raw hydrocarbons that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere during flowback. The cost-effective Sand X® system removes variable volumes of evacuated frac sand allowing for a cleaner disposal. After more than 12 years of innovation, the Sand X® and Super Loop® have been designed to minimize pad footprint through quick set up and simple and reliable operation.

Sand X® product specialists provide complimentary on-site training and certification to every customer and service company to ensure optimal operation. The patented, user-friendly design of the Sand X® and Super Loop® increases uptime; utilizing dual components generates maximum productivity with minimal maintenance and servicing, even when flowback returns are inconsistent.

Our team is constantly inventing and updating environmentally friendly products to meet each customer’s unique needs. As operators encounter new drilling environments and push the limits of technology, Sand X® adapts to meet these demands.

Take your completions efficiency to the next level while exceeding HSE goals. In addition to promoting safety, the Sand X® process allows operators to recirculate drilling fluids from the Sand X® unit, which saves disposal, clean out, and chemical costs. Learn More

Employ our cutting edge low-pressure gas separator to enhance the Sand X® process by safely removing gas from flowback. The Super Loop® process allows solid and fluid returns, minus gases, to be collected and delivered to the Sand X®. This process improves location safety and reduces the emission of raw hydrocarbons. Learn More

Combine the Sand X® and Super Loop® with additional equipment to create customized systems for each well site. Our systems ensure expedient, safe, and reliable operation for the duration of drill out. The thoughtfully crafted equipment we offer includes solutions that further reduce risk and enhance safety. Learn More