Additional Equipment

We offer a range of additional equipment that works in conjunction with Sand X® and Super Loop® products to further enhance green completions. Operators can customize their setup based on pad layout and location-specific needs.

Flare Lines and Flares

Gas Flare Image

Our flare lines allow for low-pressure gas removal that can send all gases, including H2S, to a safe place on the well site. Sand X®’s flare lines are a sustainable alternative to conventional methods that blow gases into an open top tank and release raw hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Our combustion method uses a natural draft system to eliminate most hydrocarbons through various sizes of flare lines, including 8-inch and 12-inch diameters. Drive overs are included so flare pipe can be routed across the site, maintaining flexibility in setup design and well site access.


Sand X Equipment Image

Our customized generators contain panels designed for plug and play with Sand X® or Super Loop® equipment. Because panels contain both soft starts and variable frequency drives, trained operators can adjust the equipment performance to each individual well’s varied volumes of returns. Generators and cords have intrinsically safe and trouble-free connections that are easy to use.

Knock Outs and Sludge Catchers

Sand X Equipment Image

Our knock outs and sludge catchers are engineered units that separate and remove condensate and liquids that appear or fall out during flowback to prevent liquids from entering the flare. Various fittings avert backflow, keep the flare line level, and include level monitors and drains.

Three-Sided Boxes

Sand X Equipment Image

Our three-sided boxes remove separated sand quickly and efficiently. They are compatible with multiple sized skid steers or telehandlers, which optimizes location flexibility and sand disposal. This can be removed while the Sand X® is in operation.

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