Safe, efficient, and effective sand disposal is in the Haynesville. Since 2008, the innovative Sand X® process has pioneered green completions. Today, our Sand X and Super Loop® equipment lead the green completions industry, offering an environmentally friendly option for sand removal and gas separation during drill out and flow back. This system offers a safer, more economical sand disposal process that significantly reduces hazardous waste, with better disposal of returned sand. The Sand X system also improves worker safety, well balancing, and can save operators millions.

Sand X has paved the way for green completions and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) solutions in the oil & gas industry, particularly in Louisiana and East Texas. Compared to traditional methods, Sand X and Super Loop systems are more sensitive, delivering a more effective, environmentally friendly method of disposal. The Sand X performs a five-phase separation of sand, oil, produced water, condensates, and dangerous gases, so the sand is clean and safe for other uses while the produced water can be safely recirculated. The Sand X operates successfully on all types of sand, including 100 mesh.

The Super Loop is a unique gas separation unit that busts gas from flowback into a managed low-pressure environment, reducing the emission of raw gaseous hydrocarbons into the atmosphere to promote well site safety. The Super Loop collects and delivers solid and fluid material, minus gases, to the Sand X. When used with the Sand X, the Super Loop ensures that gases are contained, removed, and flared to a safe location on the well pad.

The Sand X minimizes your footprint by reducing the need for multiple frac tanks on the Sand X. By using a mobile steel deck that supports the Super Loop self-erecting unit, it further reduces the pad footprint and eliminates the need for a crane or winch truck during rig up.

Our product specialists provide complimentary on-site training and certification to every customer and service company to ensure optimal operation on location throughout the Haynesville in East Texas and Louisiana.

The Sand X® and Super Loop® System

Sand X and Super Loop System Information

Sand X®

Sand X® removes sand sustainably, economically, and efficiently. Our proprietary process yields clean sand, separated oil, and recirculable produced water.

Super Loop®​

Our unique gas separation unit enhances the Sand X® process by removing gas during well completion, which improves well site safety.

The Playbook

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The Sand X® Playbook

  • The Playbook contains quick access links to each section containing videos, checklists, diagrams, safety sheets, strap charts, troubleshooting references, and company information.
  • The design of the Playbook allows for easy use from a mobile device while in the field.
  • We are constantly updating The Playbook to ensure the latest information is available to our customers.

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